You know you are an entrepreneur when…

Entrepreneurship is the current buzzword in the business community. With several reasons to give upon request, many have saddled themselves with the responsibility of trying to create something new; something that would stimulate one form of reward or the other. The onerous task of designing a preferred future, as a product of entrepreneurship is fullyContinue reading “You know you are an entrepreneur when…”

Will the customer keep you in mind?

Your customer is the prime reason you are in business. This is the driving principle that fuels success in any line of trade, since revenue from sales would definitely add to the growth of the business. It then becomes imperative to do everything possible to keep the customer. Keeping your customer focused on you alone,Continue reading “Will the customer keep you in mind?”

A burning desire; the case of the African entrepreneur

It is usually welcome news when one decides to stand out and do something different, especially when that action is directed at alleviating a pressing challenge. The 21st century has experienced a growing trend of entrepreneurial activity, especially amongst the youth, who, as if to assuage the effects of unemployment in several countries around theContinue reading “A burning desire; the case of the African entrepreneur”

Funding your business; options available

Money is the live wire of every business unit. Every entrepreneur seeks to primarily maximize returns on investments in a business. Sourcing for funding for your business has currently become a nightmare for various businesses due to the risk factors involved. In this issue, we would share ideas on various sources of funding for businesses,Continue reading “Funding your business; options available”

Rising Star: Meet Benjamin Oppong-Badu, product designer, photographer and more

A little introduction of yourself. Benjamin Badu Oppong is my name, born into the Badu family of three boys and four girls on the 7th January, 1990. I am the second born of my parents. I started my basic school education from Anum L/A primary at Asamankese through to District Council Primary A&B and thenContinue reading “Rising Star: Meet Benjamin Oppong-Badu, product designer, photographer and more”

Trailblazer: Meet Ed Obi, founder of Ed Obi Fashion House

His love for fashion has resulted in the establishment of a business that has currently become a household name in Ghana’s fashion industry. He read Science at the SHS level and then Accounting a the tertiary level Dear readers, meet Edwin Obi Wilson of Ed Obi Fashion House, our Trail Blazer for this edition. READContinue reading “Trailblazer: Meet Ed Obi, founder of Ed Obi Fashion House”

Trailblazer: Meet Emmaline Datey, mentor, consultant, MC and more

More often than not, the business of entrepreneurship becomes a life-long journey that constantly fuels an inner drive to make an impact in the world. Stories have been told of determined Africans who defied the odds and carved niches for themselves in the world. Such has been the story of public speaker, leadership, business andContinue reading “Trailblazer: Meet Emmaline Datey, mentor, consultant, MC and more”

Rising Star: Meet Sarah Sackey, founder of Sarah Sackey Clothing

She challenged the odds and has risen to become the owner of two thriving businesses. Reader, meet Sarah Sackey – the owner of both SARAH SACKEY CLOTHING and FREEZY FRUITS. READ ALSO: The journey of an entrepreneur BizzAfrica: Could you briefly introduce yourself for the benefit of our readers? Sarah: I am Sarah Sackey. IContinue reading “Rising Star: Meet Sarah Sackey, founder of Sarah Sackey Clothing”