Trailblazer: Meet Ed Obi, founder of Ed Obi Fashion House

His love for fashion has resulted in the establishment of a business that has currently become a household name in Ghana’s fashion industry. He read Science at the SHS level and then Accounting a the tertiary level Dear readers, meet Edwin Obi Wilson of Ed Obi Fashion House, our Trail Blazer for this edition. READContinue reading “Trailblazer: Meet Ed Obi, founder of Ed Obi Fashion House”

Africa: Yesterday, today and tomorrow

Mood swings have become the norm when it comes to the potential of the African continent. Pre 1990’s was described as the dark days of Africa. Post-1990 into the early decades of this 21st century saw an uproar and cheers all over the world for the continent as the next big thing to happen. AfterContinue reading “Africa: Yesterday, today and tomorrow”

Mergers and Acquisitions; taking the right steps

Various factors come into play when two or more businesses decide to merge, or when (the dominant) one decides to take over the operations of the other. When management of a firm decides to broaden the scope of operations, one of the options usually considered is the act of identifying a minor playmate in theContinue reading “Mergers and Acquisitions; taking the right steps”

Trailblazer: Meet Emmaline Datey, mentor, consultant, MC and more

More often than not, the business of entrepreneurship becomes a life-long journey that constantly fuels an inner drive to make an impact in the world. Stories have been told of determined Africans who defied the odds and carved niches for themselves in the world. Such has been the story of public speaker, leadership, business andContinue reading “Trailblazer: Meet Emmaline Datey, mentor, consultant, MC and more”

Rising Star: Meet Sarah Sackey, founder of Sarah Sackey Clothing

She challenged the odds and has risen to become the owner of two thriving businesses. Reader, meet Sarah Sackey – the owner of both SARAH SACKEY CLOTHING and FREEZY FRUITS. READ ALSO: The journey of an entrepreneur BizzAfrica: Could you briefly introduce yourself for the benefit of our readers? Sarah: I am Sarah Sackey. IContinue reading “Rising Star: Meet Sarah Sackey, founder of Sarah Sackey Clothing”

Registering a business in Ghana: The basic steps

Below are some basic steps in registering your company. 1.  Acquire a Tax Identification Number (TIN). This is done by completing a Ghana Revenue Authority Tax Payer Registration Form. The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) officers after processing the TIN, send a text message  for you to collect the TIN. This applies to both the onlineContinue reading “Registering a business in Ghana: The basic steps”

The journey of an entrepreneur

‘If there is anything you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it’ Johann Wolfgang Von (1749-1832) Breaking the hard surface looks odd for business starters. There is no business-startup with magical bestowments or turnaround overnight. There were basic tumbles that constrained and restricted some renowned entrepreneursContinue reading “The journey of an entrepreneur”