BilthMoment: Recognising entrepreneurial opportunities with Enoch Kabange

Entrepreneurship, as the definition goes according to Oxford Dictionary, is the activity of setting up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of making a profit. Entrepreneurship serves as a great opportunity for the youth to create opportunities for themselves and others. When we look at the employment data, one canContinue reading “BilthMoment: Recognising entrepreneurial opportunities with Enoch Kabange”

BilthMoment: Starting And Ending the Year Right, With Akosua Yesuba

However you start your year, there are some expectations we’re all of looking up to, even though we may have written our plans down. I have just one word; that if we follow the disintegration of this word carefully, we shall not only start and end well, but we shall lay down a good foundationContinue reading “BilthMoment: Starting And Ending the Year Right, With Akosua Yesuba”

BilthMoment: Understanding the lean startup method with Tabah Baridule

Coming from an underrepresented community, Tabah Baridule was compelled to represent student communities and societies in a bid to educate and inform them of the benefits of technology. He is the Strategic Project Manager at MEGHEE and is passionate about promoting diversity at the work place as well as developing technical content. He began hisContinue reading “BilthMoment: Understanding the lean startup method with Tabah Baridule”

BilthMoment: How to set goals you can achieve with Emmaline Datey

Everyone has a desire to achieve something greater; a career, a business, a family, etc but nobody achieves anything without being intentional. The thing about goal setting is not so much in achieving them but what you become by achieving them. That’s why I don’t under emphasize on the importance of personal growth. When youContinue reading “BilthMoment: How to set goals you can achieve with Emmaline Datey”

BilthMoment: Choosing A Business Name And Logo, With Edwin Dela

Bilth Moments resumes after a short break to address the challenges startups face when deciding on their brand identity; choosing a business name and a logo. We had the honor to host Mr Edwin Dela, the founder and CEO of BrandNerds Ltd, a creative agency based in Accra, Ghana. Mr Dela is also a creativeContinue reading “BilthMoment: Choosing A Business Name And Logo, With Edwin Dela”

Money Transfer Abroad: 12 questions you ever wanted to have answered

By: Jens Ischebeck Money transfer abroad is so easy today. And so difficult. According to the World Bank, $445 billion worth of remittances is available for transfer; this amount is higher than we can imagine. In order to make the life easier for you, this in-depth article look at 13 frequently asked questions about money transferContinue reading “Money Transfer Abroad: 12 questions you ever wanted to have answered”

BilthMoment: Business Model, With Peter Tonka

Peter Tonka is a young gentleman who holds a degree in Business Administration Marketing from the University of Education Winneba Business School. He is a marketer by profession and a singer by calling. Tonka is a self-taught graphic designer, MC, Events Consultant and a ghost(anonymous) counselor. READ ALSO: Media Literacy, with Emmanuel Appiah Gyasi ThisContinue reading “BilthMoment: Business Model, With Peter Tonka”

BilthMoment: Media Literacy, With Emmanuel Appiah Gyasi

Emmanuel Appiah Gyasi has accumulated four years of experience in teaching and about six years of experience in community work and volunteerism. Emmanuel is currently an administrative assistant at the Department of Applied Linguistics, University of Education, Winneba, where he assists in the day-to-day office administration. He is also a language and communication strategist, languageContinue reading “BilthMoment: Media Literacy, With Emmanuel Appiah Gyasi”

BilthMoment: Conducting Market Research, With Enoch W. Kabange

Enoch W. Kabange is a young ambitious man who is the CEO & founder of two companies, WordInspired Media and Alien Media.  Alien Media helps businesses and brands create digital assets which can deliver them higher visibility and enable them to grow like never before. Enoch Kabange is a dream chaser who has gained a wealthContinue reading “BilthMoment: Conducting Market Research, With Enoch W. Kabange”

BilthMoment: Writing A Business Plan, With Frank Yeboah

Mr Frank Yeboah is a young sales and marketing professional with experience in E-commerce, Insurance, Ride-hailing and Tangible Miscellaneous. He currently works with Bolt as an Operations Specialist. He is passionate about sales, skills and talent education. He loves football, Chinese movies, Hindi Movies and Comic Movies. He started his presentation by saying we allContinue reading “BilthMoment: Writing A Business Plan, With Frank Yeboah”