BilthMoment: Media Literacy, With Emmanuel Appiah Gyasi

Emmanuel Appiah Gyasi has accumulated four years of experience in teaching and about six years of experience in community work and volunteerism. Emmanuel is currently an administrative assistant at the Department of Applied Linguistics, University of Education, Winneba, where he assists in the day-to-day office administration. He is also a language and communication strategist, languageContinue reading “BilthMoment: Media Literacy, With Emmanuel Appiah Gyasi”

BilthMoment: Conducting Market Research, With Enoch W. Kabange

Enoch W. Kabange is a young ambitious man who is the CEO & founder of two companies, WordInspired Media and Alien Media.  Alien Media helps businesses and brands create digital assets which can deliver them higher visibility and enable them to grow like never before. Enoch Kabange is a dream chaser who has gained a wealthContinue reading “BilthMoment: Conducting Market Research, With Enoch W. Kabange”

BilthMoment: Writing A Business Plan, With Frank Yeboah

Mr Frank Yeboah is a young sales and marketing professional with experience in E-commerce, Insurance, Ride-hailing and Tangible Miscellaneous. He currently works with Bolt as an Operations Specialist. He is passionate about sales, skills and talent education. He loves football, Chinese movies, Hindi Movies and Comic Movies. He started his presentation by saying we allContinue reading “BilthMoment: Writing A Business Plan, With Frank Yeboah”

12 Bitcoin remittance providers you should know in Africa

Bitcoin based Remittances and Their Benefits to African Customers By: Jens Ischebeck ‘Today I want to talk with you about bitcoin remittance providers. Why? Although the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin could be facing crackdowns in various regions in the world, it is experiencing a surge in the African remittance market. It isn’t affected by geographical variationsContinue reading “12 Bitcoin remittance providers you should know in Africa”

The Ultimate Guide About Bitcoin Based Remittances for Africans

By: Jens Ischebeck Bitcoin Remittances refer to the physical act of sending money as a payment form. Normally, the payments are sent out by foreign workers in far-flung countries looking to ensure that their friends and family members back are well provided for. But there’s a problem, in that using the traditional methods is notContinue reading “The Ultimate Guide About Bitcoin Based Remittances for Africans”

Bilth Moment: Finding A Co-Founder With Joseph Yaw Mawunyo

Joseph Yaw Mawunyo is an entrepreneur; CEO of Bilth Studio, a content marketer and volunteers as a content manager and creator for two online portals. Bilth Studio is a filmmaking, graphic design and social media marketing company looking to contribute to the creative industry and help SME’s promote their businesses online. This session featured theContinue reading “Bilth Moment: Finding A Co-Founder With Joseph Yaw Mawunyo”

Bilth Moment: Profits Or Wages? With Philip Mensah

We had the privilege to interact with Philip Mensah, a professional Content Developer and the CEO of Universal GreenHouse Group. Phillip is known in his circle as communicative and a spirited young man.During this session, we discussed with reasons why profit is better than wages and at the end gathered a deeper understanding of theContinue reading “Bilth Moment: Profits Or Wages? With Philip Mensah”

Bilth Moment: Business Idea Generation With Nii Ayitey Hammond

Business idea generation is a creative process that entrepreneurs and businessmen use to create new business ideas. The process involves gathering ideas using any idea generation method, doing market research, testing, revising or pivoting and finally implementing the idea. We had Nii Ayitey Hammond, the Editor in Chief of BizzAfrica, to share with us onContinue reading “Bilth Moment: Business Idea Generation With Nii Ayitey Hammond”

You know you are an entrepreneur when…

Entrepreneurship is the current buzzword in the business community. With several reasons to give upon request, many have saddled themselves with the responsibility of trying to create something new; something that would stimulate one form of reward or the other. The onerous task of designing a preferred future, as a product of entrepreneurship is fullyContinue reading “You know you are an entrepreneur when…”

Will the customer keep you in mind?

Your customer is the prime reason you are in business. This is the driving principle that fuels success in any line of trade, since revenue from sales would definitely add to the growth of the business. It then becomes imperative to do everything possible to keep the customer. Keeping your customer focused on you alone,Continue reading “Will the customer keep you in mind?”