The nitty-gritty of business contracts

Every business unit, from sole proprietorships to fully-fledged public corporations usually comes into contact with one form of contractual arrangements or the other. Once another individual or even business assumes a role in the setup, there is usually the need for a type of contractual agreement, usually in order to either establish precedence with regardContinue reading “The nitty-gritty of business contracts”

Side-stepping Conflict of Interest at the office

One of the primary reasons why people seek employment is to support the basic economic functions they need to perform. Some desire a consistent source of income to assist in the upkeep of a family; others need money to acquire basic necessities in life, but all in all, a form of employment serves both needsContinue reading “Side-stepping Conflict of Interest at the office”

Wanted: More leaders, less managers

Corporate culture usually demands an adherence to laid – down procedures with regard to rights, privileges and responsibilities. There is a clear chain of command and roles are explicitly defined. The nature of synchronization between the superior and the subordinate more often than not spells out the output of the firm. The added flavor comesContinue reading “Wanted: More leaders, less managers”

A burning desire; the case of the African entrepreneur

It is usually welcome news when one decides to stand out and do something different, especially when that action is directed at alleviating a pressing challenge. The 21st century has experienced a growing trend of entrepreneurial activity, especially amongst the youth, who, as if to assuage the effects of unemployment in several countries around theContinue reading “A burning desire; the case of the African entrepreneur”

Funding your business; options available

Money is the live wire of every business unit. Every entrepreneur seeks to primarily maximize returns on investments in a business. Sourcing for funding for your business has currently become a nightmare for various businesses due to the risk factors involved. In this issue, we would share ideas on various sources of funding for businesses,Continue reading “Funding your business; options available”

Africa’s tourism story; a well-kept secret

Late reggae legend Robert Marley summed it all up: “Africa is the richest place, but the poorest race”. Well-nourished forests, rich mineral deposits, vast agricultural capabilities and scenic locations clearly depict the aesthetic power of nature that rests with us. The desired projection of these features to the world has obviously not received the bestContinue reading “Africa’s tourism story; a well-kept secret”

…and the merchants came to town

Commerce has been with the world since time immemorial. From the times of the Stone Age and thereafter when barter trade was the preferred mode of acquisition of needed items, through till the period in history when the concept of currency was introduced as the medium of exchange, we have constantly sought for a mechanismContinue reading “…and the merchants came to town”

Preparing for the job market

“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark” – Richard C. Cushing It is a natural phenomenon everywhere that any individual who does not put his hands (abilities, knowledge, capabilities, talents) to use, suffers the likelihood of being a pauper. People who fail to put their abilities, knowledge, capabilities, or talents toContinue reading “Preparing for the job market”