Africa’s tourism story; a well-kept secret

Late reggae legend Robert Marley summed it all up: “Africa is the richest place, but the poorest race”. Well-nourished forests, rich mineral deposits, vast agricultural capabilities and scenic locations clearly depict the aesthetic power of nature that rests with us. The desired projection of these features to the world has obviously not received the bestContinue reading “Africa’s tourism story; a well-kept secret”

…and the merchants came to town

Commerce has been with the world since time immemorial. From the times of the Stone Age and thereafter when barter trade was the preferred mode of acquisition of needed items, through till the period in history when the concept of currency was introduced as the medium of exchange, we have constantly sought for a mechanismContinue reading “…and the merchants came to town”

Preparing for the job market

“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark” – Richard C. Cushing It is a natural phenomenon everywhere that any individual who does not put his hands (abilities, knowledge, capabilities, talents) to use, suffers the likelihood of being a pauper. People who fail to put their abilities, knowledge, capabilities, or talents toContinue reading “Preparing for the job market”

Office politics; your vote is your power

Politics is all over, to the extent that it has filled every facet of our lives; from the market in Makola to the school in Bumpurugu yoyo and even the church in that little neighborhood. It might not stick out like a sore thumb as compared to those running for public offices but the truthContinue reading “Office politics; your vote is your power”

The 360-degree student

Academic institutions the world over have gradually added a new twist to the educational package prepared for students; various extracurricular activities are embedded into the educational system in order to serve the dual purpose of identifying innate talents as well as preparing the student to fit into the world after school. The present state ofContinue reading “The 360-degree student”

Editorial – Getting your business started

Every entrepreneur goes through a moment in their business when challenges, such as getting the right people to work with, raising adequate funds, and breaking through the competition on the market, become daunting. An entrepreneur beset with such challenges is most likely to have second thoughts about the business even if it stems from aContinue reading “Editorial – Getting your business started”