He is an amazing artiste – fan declares as Jimbolee goes global with hit song ‘Change’

The premier video for Jimbolee’s international single titled “Change” was released on January 9, 2019.

The debut song from his long-awaited EP was well-received by his fan base, which made several mainstream and internet radio playlists in the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Africa and North America. 

This youthful energy boosted his street team’s moral and placed Jimbolee’s uncontested efforts to an unparalleled level as a millennial breed of artist that cannot be deterred.  

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Change EP was later released and distributed by Hapilos 21 which is consists of the tracks; Make a Change, Change, Protect Your Life and Worship U Lord.  

We are receiving very positive feedback from our listenership and the dj fraternity.

The hit single “Change” was reportedly the number one audio and video on in Ghana for over 200 weeks.

IrieFM radio station granted Jimbolee a display of his talent on November 25, 2016, assisted in the development of his confidence relative to his music.

Simultaneously, Jimbolee released his much awaited single “Change,” on Big Star Entertainment.

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Additionally, Jimbolee was interviewed on Hype TV on March 7 and Hitz fm Jenny Jenny on March 8th 2019…

“He is an amazing artiste with potent metaphors that creates a strong interpersonal which is evident during his performances,” a fan in Europe exclaimed.

Jimbolee orchestrated a show at his new headquarters in Ocho Rios Jamaica, known as “Country We Seh!” it rocked the local scene and showed signs of longevity.

There is an album called “Love Exposure” that will become available on Hapilos 21 and other affiliate retail distribution music site later on in the year which will set the tone for 2020.

Jimbolee has teamed up with artistes such as Jimmy Riley, Kreative Kendrene, Little Hero and many more.

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