Bilth Moment: Profits Or Wages? With Philip Mensah

We had the privilege to interact with Philip Mensah, a professional Content Developer and the CEO of Universal GreenHouse Group.

Phillip is known in his circle as communicative and a spirited young man.
During this session, we discussed with reasons why profit is better than wages and at the end gathered a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

According to the concise English dictionary, profit is a financial gain, especially the difference between an initial outlay and the subsequent amount earned.

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Wages on the other hand is a fixed regular payment for work, typically paid on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.  He started his presentation by first quoting Jim Rohn, the quote says, “Profit is better than wages”.

“Wages make you a living; profits make you a fortune.” He continued to say that we are living in a society filled with information and yet many are still facing hardship in their daily lives.

“In Matthew 25:14-30, the parable of talents was telling us about work, success and wealth; work corresponds with success and success corresponds with wealth. But as individuals, we spend our lifetime working and yet the majority can’t quantify their success and the worth of their wealth,” he added.

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According to the parable, we as humans are destined to profit from our work which corresponds to success and the success must have a direct link to wealth. The relationship between profits and wages is building wealth through business or working at a job, he went on to say that work relates to success and without the input of work, success cannot be attained.
He then posed a question, that says, “how do we earn profits and how should we migrate ourselves from the wages section to the profit section by maximizing wealth?”

He answered saying we gain profits from what they do as a profession or as a passion.

Your passion should give you a profession which should lead to profit through constant practice.

Wages is simply working around the clock for payments.

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There is a saying that we are not paid base on the amount of time we spent but for our value proposition. 

Passion, when we harness and apply learning processes, it turns into a profession and after the learning process, we start earning from it.

When we start or set out to apply our passion, we don’t look for profit from the beginning but should rather focus on putting the needed work and skill development that your passion requires and only then will this work transform from passion to a profession, then to profit.

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Mr. Mensah continued by saying, “in order for an individual to avoid the rat race, he must first ask him or herself what his passion is.

At this stage, the individual is not looking for something that can earn him money right from the start because money is not the focal point here but rather, passion.

Your passion is like seed and we don’t think of a seed as fruit but first, how to plant and work on the seed and if we succeed at that then that seed will now bear the fruits we want.”

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He then followed with another question, this time directed to the group members, asking them the intent for which Bilth Studio started the Bilth Moment project. Some members answered by saying that the reason for the group is to help them learn from great people and among themselves. 

Another replied that the group is a virtual classroom created for the purpose of sharing knowledge.
To conclude, those who make a profit focus and develop their passion into a profession which in the end gives them the financial freedom they need or deserve. We all have this passion for something we can turn into a profession sitting in us, let tap into it and start winning in life.

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Do join us next weekend for a special open discussion session where we will share our views on whether to vote for policies or promises in the upcoming election. Until then, stay safe. 


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