An employee every employer desires

Getting a job is usually the first step of a long journey. The entirety of the trip is rolled out for you when you fit the capacity in which you are expected to operate.

Fitting here relates to being that kind of employee whose services are needed, simply because there is enough evidence to prove that you are indispensable.

This then brings to fore the necessary expertise one should be endowed with if such an employee desires longevity in the office.

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Modern trends in employment demand that a wannabe employee should be as versatile as possible, though calls for specialization in a particular field cannot be ignored.

Your potential boss is looking for someone who can bring in more than is taken out; that is to say, the cost of hiring you should be superseded by the revenue gains you would bring to the business.

Anything short of this, and you could be “just another employee”.

Granted; you have passed the necessary interviews and tests, and you are ready to begin work.

The first few months could be rather “suffocating”. There is a brand to promote and project to both new and existing clients, as well as several other standards to be maintained.

That initial impression you give your boss could be your ticket – to either the higher echelons of power or to your way out.

Your two options – either firing on all cylinders in a bid to prove your worth or gradually worming your way into the “way things are done here”, would invariably determine your fate.

The ultimate aim of every job seeker is settle in an organization that would provide an enabling environment for maximum output.

This stems from the need to be tagged as productive in the workplace, as such a trend of events would culminate into the ultimate dream – reaching that office, earning that salary or driving that car.

At the end of the day, it is your boss, upon whose recommendation you may reach that height.

But then, there is a catch. You are definitely not the only one with such a desire; there are probably several others in the same unit, department, office, company or even industry with such a yearning.

How do you rise above the crowd? The answer is as short as the question – do what no else does.

There is a thin line between stepping on toes to get to your destination and truly rising above the masses with a clean slate of conscience.

The balancing act between impressing your boss for personal gains and maintaining that bond with fellow workers requires an innate skill few can exhibit.

Knowing how to play your cards right can propel you to heights previously thought of as unattainable.

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