You know you are an entrepreneur when…

Entrepreneurship is the current buzzword in the business community. With several reasons to give upon request, many have saddled themselves with the responsibility of trying to create something new; something that would stimulate one form of reward or the other.

The onerous task of designing a preferred future, as a product of entrepreneurship is fully realized when one understands all the intricacies of the task ahead.

Entrepreneurship becomes a pleasure when the daunting task ahead is executed with a degree of optimism, knowing that the risk-return factors would pay off in the end.

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The decision to start and maintain your own business should be the product of a series of observations and conclusions that could pave way for your financial independence.

We all wish to be rich, retire young and basically live a comfortable live. That desire may be realized when one has passed the basic litmus test of entrepreneurship, which amongst other issues stimulates responses to the under-listed questions:

1. Are you ready to fully commit yourself to the task in mind or you wish to work part – time?

2. Are you ready to primarily commit personal resources (whether financial or human) in a bid to realize your dreams?

3. Are you ready to accommodate others and their opinions in the course of business?

4. Are you ready to share profits and losses with others you work with, as they come up?

5. Are you ready to patiently wait for months or even years, before that which you have in mind is reflected in reality?

Attempting responses to these questions and several others indicates your desire to take charge of your life and act when and how you want to.

The core task of an entrepreneur is to identify and maximize opportunities that are hidden in hitherto untapped avenues of commerce and industry.

Entrepreneurial opportunities are often described as limited because there seem to no new or unique ideas to exploit, and that stance presents a paradox; ignorance of an opportunity vis-à-vis disinterest in venturing into a seemingly mundane area of activity.

The obvious truth is that inasmuch as there seem to be no new opportunities (which is far from the truth), your ability to present your option as unique from the rest available to the potential client sparks an interest in your line of work.

The basic details might be just as is known in the market, but then there is something special about yours.

21st century thinking calls for ingenuity. It demands from an entrepreneur a strategy that can push the business to the apex in the industry.

It calls for alignment with modern trends that should prickle the interest of the customer.

You can’t afford to be like the rest; It is too dangerous a decision to make.

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