Wanted: More leaders, less managers

Corporate culture usually demands an adherence to laid – down procedures with regard to rights, privileges and responsibilities.

There is a clear chain of command and roles are explicitly defined. The nature of synchronization between the superior and the subordinate more often than not spells out the output of the firm.

The added flavor comes in when the superior is able to implement strategies that would encourage the subordinate to go the extra mile at no extra cost.

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That is the thin line of definition between the balancing acts of leadership and management. The concept of management expects the salaried employee to

do exactly what is expected to be done, to wit: respect a typical nine – to – five working schedule, adhere to rules and regulations, follow the accepted

dress code and advertise the business in any professional capacity you find yourself in. Leadership strives to, in addition to the above, influence the subordinate to clearly understand the prime objectives of the business unit and assiduously work, at any point in time in line with corporate goals.

• Just what is it that would cause the employee to go all out to add an extra bit not expected by the employer, but all the same duly appreciated?

• Exactly what would compel an employee to work at odd hours just to get work done?

• And what is it that would drive an employee to ambitiously target and plan to achieve preset agenda?

Leadership scholar Dr. John C. Maxwell defines leadership as influence. Top – draw management experts opine that management is “getting things done through

other people”. Juxtaposing the two proves an edge of leadership over management, and it’s only the smart superior, who seizes on such an advantage and diverts it into overall good.

Corporate Ghana has within its ranks brilliant leaders who have, are still and would continuously contribute their quota to overall growth and development, and the

glaring evidence of their efforts are so obvious for all and sundry to see; more of such gurus and we are indeed designed to advance in leaps and bounds.

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