Your dream team

A business unit that has stood the test of time usually has a secret; its employees are good at what they do and that just one side of the coin – the other side being the fact the necessary conditions of service to ensure the continuity of business growth are ever present.

We are well familiar with global brands and the nature of their ascent to the top of the corporate ladder.

Some of them carefully laid the solid foundation and gradually built upon it; others crawled for so long at a stagnant pace and then, out of the blue rose to the heights they presently enjoy.

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The sudden rise could be traced to several reasons amongst which are a huge financial input, an overhaul of operations, or the taking of a far-reaching decision that could make or break their fortunes into smithereens.

In all these, the fact still stays that the employees are the bastion of strength at the workplace; other factors like conditions of service or availability of working equipment are quite distant.

Your employees are the live wire of your business. Paying attention to their comfort, and invariably their output should be supreme on your mind.

The burning desire, taking into consideration this all – important resource at your disposal, should be how to effectively maximize the input of your team, so as to ensure that they perform as you want them to.

How to build a solid team requires no rocket science; you can easily do that with the strategies outlined below in mind:

  • Constant communication – information is necessary to help you stay ahead of the pack. There is the urgent need to create an aura of ease of information flow in all corners of your business, so that commendations, concerns and constructive criticism can be utilized for efficiency. Lack of appropriate information flow causes stagnation.
  • Elimination of bureaucratic procedures – We have all come to love simplicity. A bureaucratic setup moves at a slower pace as compared to one from whose processes for execution of duties constantly require fewer steps. The courage to lift up a telephone to speak directly to your employer would be a welcome relief for staff, as against booking of appointment dates long before for the same reason, assuming we can eliminate the abuse of such a privilege at the workplace.
  • Create group brainstorming sessions – 21st century business giants prefer talents and ideas to the old order of doing things. The ability to rock the boat, and come out with an idea that could propel your business to higher heights greatly benefits your business. Some businesses are afraid of taking risks, and so to play it safe, would prefer to stick to old – fashioned methodology, forgetting that innovation moves at a great speed. A brainstorming session creates more room for ingenuity and assists your business in several ways. The old adage still applies – “Two heads are better than one”.
  • Listen more – Yes you are the boss, which is well – known. Yes, you are the one in the position to issue directives, which is understood. But it really pays more to listen carefully to what your team has to tell you. Lend a listening ear to them, and you would be amazed at what you could learn from them. Success rests on team effort.
  • Hard work and sacrifice – Unless with a well – formed motive in mind, employees hardly out – perform their bosses in terms of decision – making or execution of duties. The one above needs to go that extra mile to ensure that tasks are performed as responsibility falls on such an executive if things don’t go as planned. Give your subordinates that impression of hard work and sacrifice on your part, and they would be tempted to follow suit; a temptation that would really work in your favour.

Leadership has always been about motivating your subordinates to, with a team spirit reach a destination with you.

Get to work on the suggestions listed above, and watch your business soar.

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