The 360-degree student

Academic institutions the world over have gradually added a new twist to the educational package prepared for students; various extracurricular activities are embedded into the educational system in order to serve the dual purpose of identifying innate talents as well as preparing the student to fit into the world after school.

The present state of affairs is a giant step from times past when the raison d’être for student being in school was purely academic work and little else.

From sports through drama to intellectual contests that bring out desired qualities in participants, it expected that one is fully oriented towards the expectations of life outside the walls of the institution.

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The smart student who takes advantage of such activities finally leaves the institution prepared in several capacities to face the challenges of the corporate world.

Realizing the fact that corporate business takes into consideration not only the level of expertise for the task, but that extra skill, comes in as an added flavor to present you as the most viable option in the lot.

Businesses of today are in search of employees who can display multitasking skills with a degree of finesse.

The employer would certainly be glad if you could adopt mechanisms that can increase revenue and cut down cost, as that is the condition that would stimulate desired success.

Your ability to assume varying kinds of responsibilities transforms you into a worker who can quickly ascend the corporate ladder, and for such a situation to materialize, it behooves on you to appropriately groom yourself as you pass through the walls of the educational institution.

The academic work aside, various opportunities exist in areas of leadership and teamwork.

Aspirants for political offices invariably sharpen their oratory and public relations skills; they learn how to connect to the eligible voters with ease, and this attitude stays with them if properly groomed.

Life as a student presents various opportunities for personal growth and development.

The disadvantaged student is the one who focuses on academic work and nothing else, as the growing trend in the business reflects the need for wannabe employees who are, not focused on the job at hand, but several other areas of business care such as appropriate ways to handle customer complaints, good human relations as well as a wide range of tastes when it comes to dress-code, in the event of the situation where one isn’t expected to be in a pre-defined attire whenever duty calls.

Acing all the other, often neglected opportunities that come with campus life is an a error that must be avoided at all cost, as the 21st century criteria for selection for a job certainly involved skills that may not be assessed by the certificate presented as evidence for qualification for the job in question.

The chance to add value to yourself and reach the pinnacle of success beckons to those who are smart enough to realize the inherent gains in such a direction.

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