Office politics; your vote is your power

Politics is all over, to the extent that it has filled every facet of our lives; from the market in Makola to the school in Bumpurugu yoyo and even the church in that little neighborhood.

It might not stick out like a sore thumb as compared to those running for public offices but the truth still remains that even in its subtleness in these quarters, it can still be felt.

Politics has crept slowly into our offices even though there aren’t posters of the aspirants; neither are there slogans or catch phrases for them.

To a large extent, the MBA (Me Ba Ha Ats3) holders tend to resist change most of the time oblivious of the fact that the only thing that doesn’t change is change itself.

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Hence, MBA holders tend to resist change most of the time and are quick to stand in the way of any new entrants who try to challenge the status quo.

Of course, this would undermine their efficiency and project the new kids on the block as “outside the box” thinkers.

The various cliques in the offices tend to lobby for transfers, promotions, and pay raise among others.

Are you wondering why they do these? Well that makes two of us! Let’s not crack under the strain of trying to explain the inexplicable; the mysteries of the corporate world make it more fun.

One thing is certain, not only does this phenomenon breed bootlickers, sycophants and talebearers, it also confers PhD (pull him/her down) degrees on certain employees who wear these titles like a badge of honour.

What makes politics even worse in the offices is that it reflects in the appraisal results of some employees.

It then becomes predictable when employees who’re in the boss’ good books or are part of his/ her circles are identified when there is a vacancy for a positive recommendation.

What happens to those employees who are diligent, effective and productive yet are not in any sort of cliques to push their agenda?

Such employees most often than not mark time in the same position till they slip into a career plateau state.

Apart from the tangible reward (money), such employees get from their effort; there isn’t much to show for their dedicated services over the years.

Tell you what, the degrees of punishment meted out to employees for the same offence even reels of politics.

I guess you are wondering if it’s that bad and why should this be the case! The answer is obvious- politics!!

The cancer is eating away at the credibility of appointments and promotions in our offices even if such elevations are on merit.

Who can be audacious enough to bell the cat and stem the politics in the bud? The Human Resource Managers who are to act as employees’ advocates and ensure that a level playing field is created for all employees have been turned into puppets by top executives who pull the strings to have their whims and caprices carried out.

Can you blame the Human Resource Manager for being caught up in the middle? Oh, politics, from whence thou springeth from?

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