Maintaining a balance

The world is really moving at a fast pace, you either catch up or lag behind. Economic conditions have forced some parents to outdo themselves just to keep their families catered for.

A man’s desire to give his family the best of life thrust him into work at the expense of spending time with the people whose lives he’s trying to better.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon is gaining ground in the twenty-first century.

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The corporate man gets to the office very early at a time when his children are still in bed. His day starts off with breakfast at his desk; something which is not unusual in the corporate world.

Oh, just so you know, lots of eating behind the desk go on in the office and coupled with their sedentary lifestyle you can’t blame him for the paunch that has obscured his designer belt.

During the weekdays, he’s cooped up in the office and the only time he makes time for the family is during weekends when there is no social engagement.

One cannot help but sympathize with families whose head is married to his work and they (the family) are always playing second fiddle to the man’s job.

Being a second class citizen in your own home isn’t a very pleasant experience.

Has anyone ever seen a man on his death bed wishing he spent more time at the office than with people who cared about him?

The wheels of life need to be managed in such a way that they will be in harmony with each other-this is the beauty and essence of life!!

Former British Prime Minister, Benjamin Disraeli, had a point when he said “one thing that has driven more men mad than love is the currency question (money)”.

But the truth is, there is a limit to what money can do- for example, money can buy you a house and not a home, it can buy you food not appetite among others.

As head of the family, the man is expected to provide for the family but this should not be at the expense of spending quality time with the family whose lot you are trying to better.

No amount of success in one’s corporate or public life can offset or compensate for the failure in one’s private or family life.

In as much as it takes dedication, devotion, diligence, honesty, staying on top of your game, motivation, attitude, character among others to excel at our chosen vocation; these same traits should be translated into our personal lives in the same magnitude so that one does not short change the other.

One cannot have enough of money, the more you have the more you want!! Life is all about people, make them count while alive!!!

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