Rising Star: Meet Benjamin Oppong-Badu, product designer, photographer and more

A little introduction of yourself.

Benjamin Badu Oppong is my name, born into the Badu family of three boys and four girls on the 7th January, 1990. I am the second born of my parents.

I started my basic school education from Anum L/A primary at Asamankese through to District Council Primary A&B and then Junior High School, where I completed with a Basic School Certificate.

I furthered with Senior High School education at T.I Ahmadiyya Senior High School, Gomoa Potsin which opened the door for me to acquire my Diploma in Basic Education at the University of Cape Coast.

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What do you do for a living?

I do Computer Graphics/Product Designing, Photography and Video Editing.

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? If yes, what businesses or startups have you formed?

Yes, I see myself as a great entrepreneur.  I have started a CSR project dubbed Cover Me Worldwide. I am working hard with the team on it.

Tell us about your business.

Cover Me Worldwide is a Non-Governmental and a Not for Profit Organization that intends to improve upon the lives of less privileged children, with supports and donations from people across the globe.

It has youth advocacy as one of its functions to ensure, that the youth enjoy their human rights while growing in skills development in all areas of life such as education, health, housing, employment, relationships, etc.

We focus on children’s rights and privileges, childhood healthcare, development and education, girl child education, youth advocacy programs and also support grassroots community development.  Cover Me Worldwide also believes that we should only go where we are invited, and as such, all of our programs advance local leadership and promote community collaboration.

What was the inspiration for this business?

I have endured severe hunger before; I have felt wild thirst before and I know how it feels to have nothing in your pocket to even afford a single daily meal and a hygienic water to drink.

Realizing these and many unbearable situations in the lives of the less privileged, I was compelled to start Cover Me Worldwide to help create awareness, that there are people really suffering out there, and to solicit for support from people who are wealthy and living healthy.

Today, young people grow up well educated, but without skills or the ability to create things with their hands and I, being inspired by the young ones who have the ability to create things from their thoughts but have no one to encourage, train and support them, decided to start Cover Me Worldwide, which has creative programs designed to help sharpen the creative minds and hands of the upcoming ones with a focus on children from basic school through to the Senior High School level.

Who is your target market; and how feasible is your line of business in today’s African market?

Children in general, but girls and youth in particular are my target and as such, Cover Me Worldwide is designed to train them to acquire handy skills such as painting and sculpture works, computer graphics/product designing, webpage and mobile applications development, writing skills, photography among other skills which are seriously needed not only in the African market but in the global market.

Tell us about funding. How are you financing your business?

Everything I do at the moment comes primarily from the personal resources of our team, and some from our cherished donors.

Any challenges?

So far the primary challenge is funding. Others are the difficulty in acquiring some basic teaching or educational materials such as stationary to support our educational and creativity tours to schools in the country.

How do you see your business in the next 5 years?

In the next five years, I hope to see Cover Me World Wide having centers in most parts of the world; eradicating child poverty and helping children and youth to achieve their dreams through acquisition of professional skills and knowledge.

This would help them market their own products to earn a living, in order to be economically independent.

If you had the chance to send a message to the President. What would it be?

I would push for an improvement of the curricula of schools to include creative and vocational courses.

This would enable students to acquire skills they could use after school, and this would lead to the reduction of unemployment amongst the youth. 


  • Email: info@bizzafrica.com
  • Phone: +233243083120 / +233209856865
  • Social Media:
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