Designing your dream

“Whether you believe you can or whether you believe you cannot, you are absolutely right” – Henry Ford

“Be true to who you are”, sounds a message in a hit song by Gospel musician Donnie McClurkin.

Albeit succinct, the above message summarizes the entirety of the pre-requisites of success in life.

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Many dreams have been left in their raw state; others half-formed, and merely a handful fully exploited simply because the individuals involved allowed many preventable obstacles to curtail their progress, hence the bitter results.

Psychologist William James believed that “Nothing is as fatiguing as the eternal hanging of an uncompleted task”. To Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm”.

More often than not, our mindsets become the defining factor – whether to pursue that dream or let it be; whether to go ahead and work on that vision or let it slip by.

Albert Einstein propounded the Theory of Relativity; Charles Babbage introduced Computer Science; Walt Disney presented Disneyland to the world and Sam Walton is remembered as the founder of Wal-Mart stores.

All these people and many others translated their dreams from mere fantasies into reality. Charles H. Duell, the Commissioner of the Office of Patents of the United States, in 1899 summed it up this way: “People who need a mental shift; those who presume that all that can be invented has been invented”.

Thomas Edison was described by his teachers as a slow learner, yet he invented the light bulb and many other products; R.H Macy failed seven times before his New York store became a success; Babe Ruth hit fourteen homeruns; but struck out 1330 times; Colin Powell, despite the many challenges he faced whilst growing up, rose through the ranks of the American military to become amongst many other things, the first African – American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the USA – glaring examples of people who dared to go the extra mile despite the setbacks they faced.

We have all it takes to make the world a better place for us all. Determination in the face of difficulties always propels one to heights unimaginable. The graves have always been described as very rich places – rich in wisdom and knowledge, taking into consideration the number of people who die with their dreams.

When Martin Luther King (1929 – 68) declared in Memphis that “I HAVE A DREAM”, not many understood him. Had he lived his life to the full, he would have definitely seen his “DREAM” translating into reality – Africans, Europeans, Asians and Americans all blending together in various spheres of endeavour, without fear or favour. His winning of a Nobel Peace Prize four years before his untimely death supports this assertion.

Dreams can come true, if and only if the right steps are put in place. The time to start activating our dreams is now

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