Getting Started 101

Date check: circa mid – June 2015

Time check: 1400 GMT

It had now become very typical of me to be out and about in town, doing all I can to set the stage for, what I had purposed in my heart to be the final attempt at publishing a magazine.

We had just begun out long vacations, and I reckoned that I had just about enough resources – time, energy and of course the necessary funds to set the ball rolling.

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This wasn’t the first time, anyway.  I started with Public Eye a few years ago. In short, it didn’t do too well.

We managed to release a few online editions on a blog designed for that purpose. It couldn’t last for a year. A few reasons accounted for this, top on the list being the sheer vagueness of the concept itself. Dare ask me what Public Eye is focused on, and I just might end up giving you an extempore speech.

So then when it was rebranded as BizzAfrica, I decided to clearly state, communicate and identify with its core mandate – to create the platform for young African entrepreneurs to show the world what they are capable of doing.  BizzAfrica enjoyed a successful launch on Saturday 2nd January 2016.

Both the hardcopy (which would be quarterly) and the website were officially presented to all who came to grace the occasion.

Though the milestone is duly recorded in its annals, it becomes prudent to identify some of the reasons it is believed to have a bright future:

  1. Unique idea – it is currently the first and the only magazine in Ghana solely focused on young African entrepreneurs.
  2. Solid team – Team BizzAfrica is made up of people who are young, ambitious, daring and ever ready to challenge the status quo.
  3. Innovative concept – it is free, and available in both hardcopy and online.

Getting started as an entrepreneur is an arduous task. Your “to – do list” is literally endless.

You face all manner of challenges and uncertainties. There are times when you simply ask yourself whether you are alright “upstairs”. You have your share of nightmares – both normal and self – created.

You toss and turn at night, asking yourself a myriad of questions, the famous of them all being “what if it doesn’t work?” 

Your ability to surmount the numerous hurdles and stand firm even in the most challenging times sets up apart from the rest – those who give up after their first attempt, and the others who don’t even try at all.

If you have a dream…

  1. Get started
  2. Keep moving
  3. Don’t stop

The world is tired of talkers, it cries for doers. There is no other time like now.

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