Memoirs of a leader

“When wealth is lost, nothing is lost; when health is lost, something is lost; when character is lost, all is lost” – Anonymous

The call to leadership is full of complexities. To some, it is an opportunity to improve their status in life; to others, it’s an avenue to change, or better still, improve the situation they came to meet.

It therefore becomes pertinent to judge the output of a leader at the end of his tenure of office, to determine if he lived up to expectation or merely added to the number.

Source: African Centre for Economic Transformation

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As the days roll by a myriad of opportunities are created in leadership: in churches, clubs and societies, organizations, campuses and even the nation at large, and it is quite amazing that there are always people ready and willing to fill these vacancies, with various reasons available upon inquiry.

Presenting one’s self for an important office is a giant step since that action could lead to a number of repercussions.

A lucid agenda should be communicated to the people, devoid of otiose ambitions or mendacities in general.

This should be religiously followed to the latter. A level of parity should exist between the leader and follower since a common ground should be reached with regard to executed decisions.

Never should he disregard their pertinent grievances; never forget: the mainstay of successful leadership is a rapid sensitivity to the needs of one’s followers.

Many a leader have come and gone, some with satisfaction written on their faces as a result of a  job well done and others who are steeped in misery and disgrace simply as a result of their unpleasant effort.

Good name is better than riches, goes the age-old adage. It is thus appropriate to leave a legacy worth emulating; an example worth following.

Source: Afrikan Heroes

It is better to be remembered as “a servant-leader whose philosophies and principles were an example to follow, one whose peers loved and wished to be like”.

American statesman cum scientist cum et al Benjamin Franklin observed that “If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write things worth reading, or do things worth writing”.

It then becomes clear that for the efforts of a leader to be recognized even after his time, that person would have to implement measures that paint the picture of probity and accountability, the hallmarks of a successful leader.

Leadership in its true sense spans from birth to death – some crucial life decisions are to be taken by the individual in question.

Holding a public office as a leader creates the opportunity for one to prove that merits the position of trust he has been placed in, anything short of which is interpreted as a failure to represent the interests of the followers.

The end-result of a leader’s performance is judged by all concerned; hence prospective office-holders should be true to themselves in their quest for leadership since no one but themselves would be duly rewarded or castigated. Whatever the philosophy of life, the fact still remains that a leader’s memoir should leave him with smiles, not wails.

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