Rising Star: Meet Sarah Sackey, founder of Sarah Sackey Clothing

She challenged the odds and has risen to become the owner of two thriving businesses. Reader, meet Sarah Sackey – the owner of both SARAH SACKEY CLOTHING and FREEZY FRUITS.

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BizzAfrica: Could you briefly introduce yourself for the benefit of our readers?

Sarah: I am Sarah Sackey. I am 32 years of age, married with two kids and an SSS graduate.

BizzAfrica: At what age did you discover your talent for fashion?

Sarah: I discovered my passion for clothes at the age of 14. I was in JSS at that time.

BizzAfrica: Did you ever want to go in fashion designing or it was because there was no money to further your course to the highest possible level? 
Sarah: Not at all. I lost both parents at a very tender age. After their death, things were a bit rough until I got married and had my kids. That was when I decided to follow my dream, so attended a fashion school.

BizzAfrica: Currently what do you do?   
Sarah: I am a fashion designer. I have a shop I named SARAH SACKEY CLOTHING. Also, i arrange edible fruits; I have named mine FREEZY FRUITS.

BizzAfrica: First let’s talk about Sarah Sackey Clothing. Why did you choose this particular name for your shop?
Sarah: It’s basically my name. During my studies at the Joyce Ababio College of Creative Design, my mates use to call me by that name. They said it was so simple so i kept the name.

BizzAfrica: How many years now has Sarah Sackey Clothing been in existence, and what motivated you?
Sarah: I started last year, after school. I asked a tailor to stitch a shirt for my husband for his birthday. On the agreed day, i went to collect it, and to my dismay, he couldn’t even find the fabric, not to talk of stitching. I told him there and then that he has motivated me to follow my dream of being a fashion designer.

BizzAfrica: How did family and friends react to your passion of being a fashion designer?
Sarah: In fact everyone around me encouraged me. Let me take this opportunity to thank my husband, Samuel Owusu Sackey. God bless him and my late mum.

BizzAfrica: Where and how did you get your initial capital to start the business?
Sarah: My husband provided the initial capital, and then I added my savings that I made out of my fruits business.

BizzAfrica: Can you share with us some of the challenges you have gone through trying to make the businesses stand, as well as funding for the two – the fashion house and fruits business?
Sarah: Fashion has always been a passion for me, therefore, putting a business essence to it was quite challenging because I needed to mix all available resources and come out with products that could sustain and grow Sarah Sackey Clothing.
Also, the right manpower is another area that needed much attention. I needed dedicated and professional staff to keep the business running and meet deadlines to satisfy customers which is hard to come by these days.
The major challenge was finance. I needed to overcome this hurdle since we needed to have a proper business setup with good machinery and materials to start the line with.

BizzAfrica: How do you cope with running both businesses?
My love for both businesses is what drives me to excel. Arrangements and putting things together for a perfect fit is something I love and you will agree with me that these form the core in both businesses.
I love to see clients happy with work done for them and this essentially gives me the strength to keep both going.
Additionally, the staff I have provide me with the needed support for both businesses.

BizzAfrica: Are both financially rewarding?

Sarah: Yes, The returns on both businesses are good even though we are in the infant stages. I strongly believe that we will make progress as we remain focused and employ all the resources available.

BizzAfrica: Where do you see both businesses in four years to come?

Sarah: In the next four years, we will be reaching higher heights and hoping to reach the global market space because that is our target. Especially for Sarah Sackey Clothing, we have begun working for clients outside Ghana and hope to grow the numbers in the coming years.
BizzAfrica: What advice will you give you people who feel all hope is lost and also to young people outside there?

Sarah: The distance between dream and reality is effort.

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