The journey of an entrepreneur

‘If there is anything you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it’ Johann Wolfgang Von (1749-1832)

Breaking the hard surface looks odd for business starters. There is no business-startup with magical bestowments or turnaround overnight.

There were basic tumbles that constrained and restricted some renowned entrepreneurs today, yet, their ability to overcome those black outs, guaranteed the bigger and high profit making urge and financial independence.

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Positive mental attitude toward success, coupled with passion and perseverance drives the agenda of successful individual business owners.

This is an indication that entrepreneurs fortify their minds and are always ready for challenging times.

If you fail to unearth your hidden skills for self-benefit and for society, you become a living dead.

Develop the mind to be in business and desire to live with anything that comes with your choice.

Myles Munroe (1954-2014) talked about buried treasures and emphasized that cemeteries or graveyards hide many buried treasures.

He aptly explains that ‘Buried beneath those sacred grounds are dreams that never came to pass, songs that were never sung, books that were never written, paintings that never filled the canvas, ideas that were never shared, visions that never became reality, inventions that were never designed, plans that never went beyond the drawing board of the mind, and purposes that were never fulfilled’.

What a tragedy! But for lack of push and self-confidence, the world could have seen great movers, shakers and pushers who would not have joined the bandwagon of buried treasuries, but through creativity, would have made printable memories as defined entrepreneurs and change actors in the business enclave.

A lot of people are still imbued with cherished and selling ideas in the 21st Century and yet for fear of failure are walking shadow entrepreneurs. They can lecture with vocal ability on business startup and maintenance and yet, cannot boast of a ‘table top shop’. The reason is that, they have never walked the talk.

Is it not surprising that mostly, the first-class students are employed by the average students?

Entrepreneurs are self-engineered to make lasting prints for themselves and their future. They look into the future with hope and have the desire to succeed.

They count failure as the point of restructuring and bouncing with alternative ideas to success.

The biggest motivation to every entrepreneur should and must be failure. For starters, the economic and business environments always look unfriendly and scary. They threaten possible prospect realization; hence, many are not enthused with this appreciative environment and fall out.

However, reckoning that it is possible to make those cherished blueprints with the mustard seed idea today is by far, the most encouraging tool needed to flush out the blurring confidence with an illuminated world of darkness and hopelessness.

Are entrepreneurs born? This question is akin to whether real leaders are born also. They are not born but rather made.

They are unique individuals with unclassified ideas, ready to explore; no matter the cost with committed minds. However, everyone is a potential entrepreneur. The world has seen great entrepreneurs who never had quality education, who were not first-class students, who were considered failures in the academic pursuit and virtually, lacked hope.

Moreover, successful entrepreneurs are those who against all the odds, focused on what I refer to as the three Ds and being led by self-challenge; made it.

They do the DIRTY JOBS, DIFFICULT JOBS and DANGEROUS JOBS. Mathematically, scrap dealers earn more than majority of white colour job employees on monthly basis.

They may not look luxurious and decent, but make really good returns at the blind spot of the world in their tattered clothes and unenviable profession.

How many entrepreneurship lecturers own and run successful businesses? Most of the Ghanaian entrepreneurs have little or no education and yet employ crude methods to sustain and appreciate what they do and how they do it.

The backbone of successful entrepreneurship rests more on applicability than theories. The least required skill is managerial.

Entrepreneurs are risk-taking individuals who usurp every opportunity with smartness. They are individuals with quality eyes, sharp ears, fast hands, paced legs and ideal thinkers who are cunningly, practice-led and not raconteurs and cheap talkers.

Central entrepreneurship is goal definition and going after it. There can never be central articulation of target without aspiration. This creates the visualization ability and forms the financial plan, and the approach to securing it. Simply have the determinant voice and heart, for it shall take you there and prompt of where your money should go.

Instead of waiting to be self-dependent, amass your efforts and gather questions about what makes product sell.

In the ‘Entrepreneurship journey’, I shall stimulate readers to a mind of positive thinking, action-driven and passion instigated. However, be a reader and begin your dream business line. Think deep by looking around you. What would sell? That is the starting point. Clutch and clench onto ideals of positivism and shun cynicism.

Nature’s consideration

We all consider the horizon to be sky-earth meeting point. On the contrary, just like mirage, no trace of truth is known to exist but for perspective and estimation. Our measuring values differ, so are the courses of action.

Some may begin implementing their business ideas with huge sums, but; be content with the little. Start and maintain optimism for breakthrough. Intra-strength comparison is one negative evil that sucks up ability. Maintain focus, treat your mind to be absolute and shine out of the dark with a bang.





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