Not my business!

What do you usually say to a colleague at work when you are tasked to perform some duties that are beyond your usual functions? We usually exclaim, “After all, it’s not my business or my father’s business!” That is the attitude that a number of Ghanaians in the private and public service have towards work.

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The growing trend of nonchalance with regard to work to be done sends home a strong signal; the situation is rapidly getting out of hand.

Several schools of thought, have, over the years attempted to find out exactly what it is that compels one to do exactly what is expected, or in a more pleasant case, go the extra mile.

A cursory glance at Corporate Ghana clearly identifies two cardinal stances. The first set of employees are basically in the office on a simple mission; get the work done, and get paid at the end of the month!

The second group of employees is of a different breed; they are in love with their work. They work hard because they enjoy what they do.

They would want to go the extra mile, and they don’t mind, even if their efforts are not recognized and applauded – they simply love their job.

Former President John Dramani Mahama is reported to have once expressed his concern about this attitude on various platforms.

His claim is that Ghana’s future economic fortunes depend on the industry and human development and so Ghanaian workers should refrain from their lackadaisical attitude towards work in order to uplift the country’s economy to greater heights.

To him, wrong attitude towards work in both government and private institutions was thwarting government’s efforts to ensure economic growth, and in order to achieve a middle income status by 2015 as envisaged, Ghana needs a dedicated workforce with the spirit of enquiry and challenge to develop innovative products.

Indeed, we need to stop using the catchphrase, “It’s not my father’s business!”, and rather see ourselves as part – owners of the organization we find ourselves in; because that is the only way we can foster growth and development in our dear nation. Don’t you think?

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