Editorial – Do what you love to do!

What’s money? A man is a success if he gets up in the morning and goes to bed at night and in between, he does what he wants to do. – Bob Dylan

What did you want to be when you grow up? A pilot? A doctor? A teacher? An astronaut?

As kids, we all had professions and careers we admired and most of us grew with that interest. We saw ourselves doing what we love when we grow up. So what happened? Are you doing what you love?

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Presently, most people are inclined to do what society perceives to be the ‘best professions’. So you will find a great teacher playing doctor in an operating room or a talented photographer in a bank (Square pegs in round holes!).

We need to get to that point where we are bold enough to venture into careers not necessarily because they fetch more money but because that is what we love to do. That is how entrepreneurship is born.

If people do more of what they love to do, there would be a lower rate of unemployment in Africa.

In this edition, we tell the story of a teacher who quits his job in an international school to work as a photographer due to his love for the lens.

We also interview an MBA (Marketing) graduate who ends up creating one of the most competitive online human resource and recruitment businesses, due to his love for ICT and human relations.

That is what BizzAfrica is aimed at – encouraging young people to be creative with what they love to do, and creating jobs from them. 

The love could be for cooking, drawing, photography, dancing, acting, etc. It is possible to make money from what you love; that is how Facebook, Koko King et al began.

We at BizzAfrica tell the stories of entrepreneurs so that others can also be inspired by them. In this edition we also showcase a list of top Ghanaian entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and many more.

You can also break some ice with the crossword puzzle, short story, and some jokes.

Have a fun time flipping through these colourful pages. Bon lisant!

Contact me: praba@bizzafrica.com

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